Monday, October 03, 2005


Yes yes yes I haven't written in ages...I have a shit load of work to do so I thought I should maybe update my blog to avoid that and also to satisfy Vivian who is tired of asking me to update...but i did say, in one of my earlier posts that i may not be keeping up with this thing. Anyway, here goes...

So I woke up today and started my day and then the day went on and it should have ended by now since it's night time, or technically the next morning since it's half past midnight...but yeah so I decided to do some schoolwork - not happening....some blogging-apparently that's not happening either.

I can't blog really. My daily life is either too eventful or too blah to write about. I can't pull something profound or pseudo profound out of my ass to fill up a space. However if something susbtantial or profound does strike me, it would not appear on blogspot, it would go in my journal which is inaccessible to all.
So yeah I've got to find some other way of procrastinating. This isn't quite working out. I doubt if people still visit my page, if you do....why? I am visiting my own page after a year as you can see.
Oh by the way, people who have visited this page during my absence and left comments, Thank You! And seriously though I don't care at all about this page, advertisers must lay off for the following reasons:
(i) it's sorta pointless to advertise on a page that is hardly ever updated and therefore, logically, loses all its visitors eventually
(ii) if you want to advertise on My page, you ask Me and if i allow you, you Pay Me
(iii) it is very cheap to advertise in somebody's comment box starting with "looking at your page we could tell you need...." and then advertise some bullshit institution that no one knows about and therefore does not care about. You give away how lame your nameless "institution" is if you have to resort to comments page advertising
(iv) seriously it won't work...DeVry is viewed as a joke by many and it actually has a name...imagine where an anonymous "institution" stands!
(v) i could rant some more but i'm too lazy....bottom line: you suck! Go Away!
So yeah that's my update. Happy?---->(viv)
Take Care and Goodbye (until i update again...god knows when though)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Just for Vivian ;)

So i have been promising Vivian for the past couple of weeks that I would update my blog. She even knows the exact date of when i last this is dedicated to her....

This semester has been wayyyyy too eventful.....i don't know where to start.....and most of the stuff i would not want to put up here....

The past couple of days have been sooo emotionally draining....i don't know what to say....i just need to get a grip of my life and need some time to myself...too much has happened in too little of my frenz left school suddenly....not telling who....not telling why...not even telling the gender....a bunch of my frenz and i have been going through too much bullshit....ughghghgh....but in the end of it all i am glad whatever happened happened coz now i have stories to tell my kids....and every experience, good or bad is worth it in the end because we all somehow come out of it rejuvenated....i mean i shouldn't complain....i always nagged that my life was uneventful and bla that there r "events," i should be satisfied......

All i know is that right now i need time for myself....time to think....time to sleep...time to catch up on work....blah time.... and i know a lot of my friends have been feeling neglected by me and i sincerely apologize for that.....for example ashna and i are used to talking to each other every night for at least an hour....but this semester i don't think i have had even a 15 min convo with her.....same goes for nisha....nisha tried sooo hard to get me to talk...but all in vain....but i promise i will be back....soon hopefully....but at least i saw nisha once this semester and ashna twice.....makes me happy.....

On the other hand one of my frenz from hood feels that we are drifting apart....she was really upset and i tried explaining to her it's nothing personal...she said she understands but she still cried....i can't help that....the typical me would usually fell so bad in this situation that i would instantly forego the idea of taking time for myself.....but today i was strong when talking to her...i didn't catch myself saying "o no....i will bla bla bla".....i know she needs me...but the thing is i need me too...normally i would forego by need for myself and prioritize others' needs....but i guess my need this time is sooo strong that i didn't succumb....i was fact brutally honest at times and adamant....and i am glad i feels good to be selfish....selfishness is so real.....

I want summer-self back....i was all into my internship....never felt more passionate in my life...i was so focussed and ambitious and .....ughghgh....everything i want to be....i was my ideal self.....wat happened? i guess reality happened....i guess the real slacker hobo side of me took the driving seat.....but it's fun though....not fulfulling....not rewarding.....just plain fun....which is also rewarding in its own way....anyway i am just ranting on and on.....

On a lighter note....last weekend was fun....on friday sebastien drove me anais and julie ro was his friend alex's 21st birthday party....has a lot of fun....drinking, dancing....alex's roommate looks sooo much like matt damon....he is really cool too....we hit it off pretty well....we crashed the night at their place....julie joined 2 couches and made a bed for herself in the living - room....alex and xuan slept on one couch with their heads at opposite ends of the idea....i dunno where sebastien slept....anais and i slept on alex's bed...i had passed out on the table.....i don't even remember when i ended up in alex's room....anais must've taken me.....we drove back the next morning....since we knew we wouldn't make it to brunch we stopped at Denny's and had yummy food....then came back to campus....did some work....caught up on sleep....hung out with frenz....went to dinner....then Sarah finally convinced me to go to Ian's costume party at College Park....i was having second thoughts about going coz of my friend suddenly leaving and all.....but Moga convinced me to go and I am glad I went coz if i stayed back I would have broken down...i don't deal well with good byes at all...
anyway...back to the was at Ian's house.....I asked my friend ashna to come over...she goes to UMCP....Sarah Grant Jason Me and this chic that was sooo annoying....i think her name is caitlin or sumthin drove to Ian's house...we took our clothes there....didnt have time to dress up here since grant promised Ian he would help with the set up, we had to leave we got there, got dressed.....Sarah looked so cute in her Catholic school girl outfit....she tried to be japanese....tried doing the eyes...didnt work...hahaha....but she looked soooo adorable.....i dressed up as a hippy....Jason was some journalist that invented this new style of writing and was a pothead....Grant wasn't thinking of dressing up at all....but last moment picked up some cop accessories.....caitlin wasnt dressed up as anything...everytime i heard her speak she was being rude to someone...piss off....thank god i don't know her.....otherwise i would've blown off on her....anyway so after dressing up grant and i drove to UMCP to pick up ashna....she brough frenz....we all had a good time...Ian spent a lot of time decorating this was sooo cool....awesome halloween decorations....people there were awesome...i bumped into some Hood people i wasn't expecting to see....he had this bar set up in the was awesome...he brought in this band at first and for the latter part he had a DJ who played awesome 80s music....we had sooo much fun....and then ashna's frenz left but she stayed the end of the night we were all soooo tired so about 8 of us crashed on Ian's huge bed.....Ian was pissed coz there were some random people in there that he didn't know....we tried getting them off the bed earlier but this one australian chick had passed out and would not move....she was so annoying....later Ian came and screamed and pointed out 3 random people who had to leave and she was one of them....i was happy....
Anyway next morning we came back to friend was about to leave when i came....was just waiting for the parents to come.....this is what i did....hug, kiss, run....i am sooo bad with goodbyes....and then i came back to my room and slept coz i didn't wanna think about it and plus i needed sleep anyway.....Sarah called me for brunch...i told her i was coming but then i fell asleep again....woke up at like 5 or sumthin....found a message from Daniella....she invited a bunch of us over because her mother was cooking....her mother and her mother's boyfriend came to visit her from germany....and then her bro who's in kansas for a semester of high school was there too and her boyfriend who was visiting her from canada....they were all so was basically the german house ppl...the frenchies...danny's family and was GREEAATTT and so was the wine....we had suchchch a nice time...ended up talking pretty late which wasn't such a good idea coz they were leaving early next least we all had a good time....

Yesterday was pretty blah....the day started with stats...then i thought i would take a nap b4 econ of dev but ended up oversleeping and to my (and vivian's) delight our night class (accounting) was woke up went to dinner...went to a buncha meetings...cant even remember what....o one was a fashion show rehearsal for the international show with Moga is chereographing....i told him i'd bring some costumes over....i wasn't planning of being a part of it....but when i went there sanjna was like we have to be on stage together to keep up with the i decided to be a part of the opening act....roberta wants the opening act to be funky....i have stage fright so i couldn't come up with a pose or anything so i asked her to some me something....she did...i laughed and she said i know u will look stupid like this but u have to do i did the pose with a sexy look on my face...muuuahahahahaha....but sanjna wasn't a part of the opening to keep up with the tradition i paired up with her for the main fashion show and Moga was telling us what to do....of course i messed up being the ugly moron that i am...and my stage fright kicked back in and i told him i wasn't gonna do it....i'll prolly just do the opening act....but we didn't get anything accomplished on monday....most of the people had to leave coz it was so late....we have a meeting 2moro...lets see how that goes.....anyway later that night jane asked if i wanted to go to Denny's coz i told her i was craving thai food....well not that Denny's has thai food but it's food jane and george came and picked me sarah and kim up....vivian didn't wanna we had a great meal there.....i had mushroom swiss burger with fried and then a warm pumkin pie overloaded with whipped cream:)....came back satisfied....o and moga called while i was there and asked me to bring him food.....and of course i forgot...when i came back i felt so bad....i went to the vending machine and bought him some snacks and a drink and went up to his room....he started laughing as soon as he saw me and said "i knew u'd forget" he went to take a shower and then came up to my room....we chilled for a while and he went back and i went to bed....

Today was fine....i woke up....took a shower...finished my Broadcast assignment....went to media history....didn't have anymore classes for the rest of the day so just bummed around.....then went to broadcast at the professor....he's so chilled out....a reporter for NBC news.....anyway came back from class went to intl club party committee meeting....basically ola dragged me in...that wasn't so productive either....then went to hall meeting....floor meeting....came back fell asleep...woke up....bummed around....contemplated doing some work...chilled with moga instead then started chatting with frenz, cousin and blogging all at the same time and it's 4 in the morn...shit it's 2moro already!!! i have a 9 o clock fun fun......

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Tigerpass and Batali Hills

these r pics from tigerpass and batali hills....i am really bored in chittagong so spent a lot of time posting all these pics up....i mentioned these hills why i went there in one of my previous entries....and i got really annoyed coz they wun't let me post any picture without a am i supposed to come up with so many captions??????

.................... Posted by Hello

random.... Posted by Hello

view of tigerpass from batali Posted by Hello

path that leads up to the houseon batali hill Posted by Hello

woods around batali hill Posted by Hello

doesn't it look like the trunk has been super-imposed? Posted by Hello

another...... Posted by Hello

carry me away!! Posted by Hello

view of batali hill from tigerpass Posted by Hello

"""""""" Posted by Hello

/////////////// Posted by Hello

:::::::::::: Posted by Hello

neighbouring hills Posted by Hello

:)) Posted by Hello

:) Posted by Hello

skkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyy Posted by Hello

roots Posted by Hello

them... Posted by Hello

view from the top Posted by Hello

****************** Posted by Hello

another view of the city Posted by Hello

........... Posted by Hello

few of the children from the 40 families that have now found sheltered in this abandoned house... Posted by Hello

view of the city from the hill top Posted by Hello

nice huh? Posted by Hello